Dealing with the likes of Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Paypal

The eCommerce world is rapidly changing the way it functions its new technologies and payment gateways emerging at a quite rapid pace. Compliance and Legislations governing these industries are also changing with different VAT regulations and other distance selling laws coming into force for eCommerce and Retail Sector.

We at ACE recognise this fast pace change and we have teamed up with various third-party service provider to ensure our clients are well catered for.

How we can help

  • 1. Client partnership

    Keeping XERO cloud accounting software as the forefront of data collection we have teamed up with various third-party software providers such as A2X for Amazon and Shopify retailer.

  • 2. Latest technologies

    A2X forges a link between Xero and Amazon/Shopify financial data assisting us to analyse the daily sales and its VAT treatment for both EU, UK and rest of the world sales this ensuring that our clients do not account for any additional VAT than what they are supposed to pay.

  • 3. Third party integration

    We also work closely with other third-party providers such as Avalara, SimplyVAT or VATGlobal to prepare EU VAT returns. We currently only file VAT returns for UK and Germany.

  • 4. Payment gateway expertise

    We understand the intricacies of PayPal services and their statement reporting methods again to ensure we extract correct data in order to reconcile.

Our clients in this sector

  • Carousel Car Parts Ltd

    Online shop with eBay selling car parts, oil and accessories.

  • Watch O Ltd

    Online shop selling watches and other gift items.

  • My Jewellery Collection

    Selling jewellery and other gift items on Amazon and eBay.