Public and Private sector freelancers and contractors

As a freelancer/contractor and a medical professional, you understand the risk and reward of running your own small consultancy company as a Freelancer, but you need a good support at hand to ensure you understand the intricacies of HMRC regulations of IR35 and its implications. With the goal post in this sector changing continuously it is important that you are also well informed.

How we can help

  • 1. Professional assistance

    At ACE we understand running your own limited company does come with its own challenges of ensuring you are well insulated with the HMRC and Companies House compliance and regulations of filing your VAT returns, managing your PAYE and NIC returns dealing with your Year End financial and tax requirements and to top the list to ensure you have a well oiled cash flow management system in place.

  • 2. Accurate accounting

    At ACE we provide you with all necessary tools and advices to ensure accurate accounting and tax planning to minimise your tax liability while keeping you compliant with HMRC.

Our clients in this sector

We have a large client base in this sector, where we fully support our contractors and freelancers towards ensuring the below:

  • They have the necessary IR35 insurance and PI cover in place
  • Their contracts are checked and reviewed by IR35 specialised lawyers
  • They are protected through our HMRC insurance protection scheme
  • They understand the risk and reward of running their own companies