Lee Cridland
Mercurius IT Limited

We chose to work with ACE because we felt they’d be able to offer us the trustworthy and reliable service we need for our business. I’m pleased to say we were right, and they have been working with us for many years now and continue to give us the support that we need to cope with day to day activities as well as upcoming changes to accounting regulations.

Anand Swamy
Gauri Limited

We engaged ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd as our Company Accountants two years ago and since then it has been a great experience working with Akshay and his team. It has made a big difference to our operations and we have no hesitation in recommending their services.

Shukri Mansour
MedicoTech Limited

I engaged ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd when I started my business some years ago. I use ACE for all my accounting needs to run my business and have found them to give a high level of personal service and always ready to answer questions and give great advice. I especially value the level of knowledge and the personal attention given by the whole team at ACE. I would highly recommend ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd to any business who would appreciate a local and personal service to help manage and grow their business.

Alex Gamberini
Entropie Network Ltd

ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd have been involved with our businesses for the past three years. They are extremely professional, approachable and very knowledgeable about the daily running of a trading company and the resultant tax implications.
I would not hesitate to recommend ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd to any company requiring the services of a competent accountants.

My Jewellery Collection
My Jewellery Collection LTD.

Good things happen for a reason. I was very unhappy with my previous accountant as I was charged for everything. Whenever I needed to contact her to ask for advice which was normally maybe twice a year I was charged which I did not think it was right. I came across ACE and I decided to visit them to see if this was the right firm for me. I was received by the Managing Director himself, that was a good sign. I explained my situation and Akshay was very helpful explaining the best solution for my business. I joined straight away. I joined them in February 2015 and since then I have not looked back. What I like about ACE is that you talk to people, you know their faces. They are affordable, they do not charge stupid fees and they are tailored to your business’ needs. You can have a meeting with them anytime. They are very friendly, very patient and very helpful. I can call them anytime or send them an email and their reply comes straight away. I feel looked after and safe. I know that my business is in good hands and I can concentrate my energy in other areas of my business which is what I was looking for. If you join them, you will be in good hands. It is very refreshing to deal with real people, real professionals who are there just on a click of a button.

Rakesh Bahadur
Ransals Limited

In addition to technical knowledge second to none, ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd have a good understanding of the commercial drivers and add great value towards defining and achieving the strategic objectives of our business. ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd are not just my accountants but a business advisor.

Alan Bullen
Lynx Networks PLC

I worked with ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd on a 10-day “Common Purpose Matrix Programme”. They were a real pleasure to work with because they are very knowledgeable and have a great team.

Jay Tahasildar
Mercurius IT Limited

ACE Accounts & Tax Ltd, the ideal solution for small businesses, an excellent bookkeeping, payroll and accountancy service, helping us to effectively manage and control our business costs.

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