Future and current budding entrepreneurs

Making sense of numbers is the key to running a successful business. But while big organisations can afford the luxury of full finance department, many small businesses rely on either themselves or their family members to support them with their day to day accounts, managing their cash-flow, assisting them on credit control.

The result is that you only perform the basics of keeping your head above the water toward regularly managing your invoicing, cashflow etc but do nothing to put the foundation in place to grow your business, make more profit and protect your business.

At ACE we bring a bit of our virtual finance director service that only big companies can afford to our budding entrepreneurs.

How we can help

  • 1. Proactive modern approach

    Where a traditional accountant will handle your end of year tax returns and balance the books, we take a somewhat more proactive modern approach.

  • 2. Xero implementation

    We strongly believe in technology to streamline your business. We will set up your business with the cloud accounting platform XERO which gives us [and you] a real-time access to a wide range of key figures, allowing you to make big business decisions in more timely fashion. XERO as a versatile software can be tailored to your needs allowing the system to do the hard work where we work together on developing your business

  • 3. Client partnership

    We have also teamed up with other software providers such as FUTRLI to provide you with a snap shot of your business allowing you to monitor on how fast your customers pay you, the customer analysis and much more.

Our clients in this sector

  • Bollywood Junction Ltd

    Indian Cuisine Restaurant

  • Medicotech Ltd

    Equipment and exercise bike retailer and distributor for disabled people

  • Seed UK Ltd

    Home care provider for mentally challenged individuals

  • Entorpie Ltd

    A telephony and Voice over IP (VoIP) solution company