Distribution and Warehousing

Managing companies such as Distribution and Logistic Sector etc can ever be challenging right from ensuring accurate stock maintenance, warehousing and logistics, sales and pricing management. In such fast pace and highly competitive environment it is extremely important to have a good customer service, cash-flow and credit control management, agreeing to credit terms and a robust accounting and ERP system in place.

How we can help

  • 1. Better understanding

    At ACE we deal with companies in the distribution and logistic centre and over the period we have ourselves learnt to understand on how best to manage companies in this sector.

  • 2. Continuous engagement

    With regular discussions with our clients we have understood the necessary financial resources we need to implement for a seamless management.

  • 3. Client partnership

    We have teamed up with our IT clients to assist such companies right from implementing Microsoft Dynamics ERP software to oversea sales, stock management, warehousing, order/invoicing, credit control to management information on monthly or quarterly basis along with taking care of all necessary compliance requirements.

Our clients in this sector

  • Lubriage Ltd

    Whole and Sole distributor of MANNOL/SCT car parts and oil in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

  • Trans UK Equipment Management Ltd

    Providing over 650 trucks for logistics purposes through out the UK dealing with companies such as Ford, Sainsbury etc.